4Acres Farm started because 2 young parents were sick of living in the city. The noise, barking dogs, crime and close proximity to neighbors were taking its toll. Finally, enough was enough and the decision was made to uproot, and purchase a small acreage in the County. 

It was quickly decided that there was a need to make use of the other 3 acres that were not being used. Somewhere along the line, the decision was made to purchase two Nigerian Dwarf Goats from a local farmer... but ONLY 2. Just as pets for now, heck, maybe they could use the milk? They will be fantastic for rasing a 1 year old too.


Hey, who knew? Nigerian Dwarfs have fantastic temperment, are easy to handle and are just so darn cute. Why not get a couple more?

Well, now as of 2018 they have added another human to mix, have increased the number of animals and species as well as started to see the fruit of their labor in the breeding program and so far REALLY happy with what they are seeing.

Nicole, the brains of the operation has an entire childhood of experience dealing with different types of farm animals in northern Alberta. She clearly has been the driving force of 4Acres Farm. 

Stephen, is the muscle. He grew up in small town Saskatchewan without a lick of agricultural experience. However, he has learned alot, and will continue to do so... He also enjoys driving a tractor and is able to fix and break anything!


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Spruce View, Alberta

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