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 Oak Apple Million Dollar Baby


Million Dollar Baby (MDB) comes to us packing a pretty stellar pedigree. He is going to be on the taller side as he is straight from the US and they have higher height requirements. We aren't worried about it as most of our does are way under height, so it should make for a nice combo! 

MDB's sire comes from Old Mountain Farm, he went to his first show and left a finished champion! His LA is EEE 91. His great grand dam had an LA of EEEE 93!! 

MDB's dam scored EVEV 90 as you can see from her photo above she has great body structure, she is a solid doe! Her last milk test she was in milk for 269 days. That is impressive. 

Babies have dropped and they are looking great! 

Photos from Oak Apple Nigerians and Old Mountain Farm

DOB: March 30, 2020

Sire:*B CH Old Mountain Farm All Over It EEE 91

Dam:SG Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo 06-10 EVEV 90

Classification Score 2023:

VG 86

Rump 92 | Dairy Strength 90 | Feet & Legs 91


million dollar baby
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