Our Sale Policy

We will make attempts to contact the potential buyer two weeks after kidding occurs, to offer the animal. The potential buyer has 48 hrs to decide if they would like the animal.


We do not have a waitlist, but if you have an interest in a specific breeding your name will be taken down. We do not require a deposit at this time but once the buyer decides to purchase the animal a 50% non-refundable deposit will be taken. This can be done via e-transfer or cheque. 


We guarantee an animal is of breeding standard- if they are not able to breed or have defects. Registration's on these animals will be revoked and the animal replaced.


We will not replace animals that develop a condition caused by the buyer. Some examples include: Poor health, over weight or under weight, poor feet due to lack of hoof trimming, negligence or abuse, etc. 


Kidding Kits or First Aid Kits will be provided to a buyer who purchases the following; two pregnant does, buck & doe combo. We provide the book "Raising Goats Naturally" by Deborah Neimann to anyone that purchases two or more goats in one transaction and has not received a kidding kit. 


We do not purposely have bottle babies nor will we pull babies to be bottle-fed. 


If a kid dies or becomes sick or if some un-desirable traits are noted. The deposit will be refunded or used towards another animal. 


We can deliver, however; if delivery travel is 45km or more a delivery fee will be negotiated with the buyer. 

We deliver to Calgary Airport, buyer must purchase a crate and the flight.

We will not take any animals back for biosecurity reasons as we are a closed herd and participate in the Scrapie Program. For that reason we conduct all transactions off farm.