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Agape's Prize Tis the Sneezin

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sneezin (cyrus)
Sneezin (Countnblessns )
sneezin (Axl)

Get ready to be wowed by our latest addition to the 4acres Farm family! This little guy's got a pedigree that reads like a who's who of the dairy goat world. He's sired by the one and only Agape's Prize Axl Rose CQ *B, a buck with a legacy that's as impressive as his name.


Axl Rose himself comes from royalty, being the offspring of Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose and Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn *B, who you might remember as the 2018 ADGA National Get of Sire. That's right, we're talking about a lineage of champions!


But wait, there's more! Axl Rose's granddaddy is Old Mountain Farm Inlikequinn, who's sired by the legendary Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ( Arwyn's sire). It's like every generation just keeps getting better.


And let's not forget about this buckling's dam, Agape's Prize Achu BlessU. She brings her own champion flair to the mix, being the daughter of GCH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns and CH Old Mountain Farm Templeton. With Hilltop Farms in his blood, this buck is set to be a powerhouse of milking might.


So keep your eyes on this one because with a family tree this stacked, he's bound to be a milk machine. We can't wait to see him grow and continue the legacy of milking champions here at 4acres Farm!

DOB: May 12, 2022

Sire: Agape's Prize Axl Rose CQ

Dam: Agape's Prize Achu Blessu

VG 87

Rump 87 | Dairy Strength 87 | Feet & Legs 87

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