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Daily is the epitome of what we strive for at 4acres Farm - a goat that truly has it all. She's not just a goat; she's a spectacle of dairy excellence, combining eye-catching looks with high-quality milk production, all wrapped up in a personality that's as sweet as they come.


Scoring an impressive 88 in her classification, Daily's standout traits are her udder texture and body condition score. Her udder is a dream to milk, soft and supple, making milking time a breeze for us. And her body condition? Well, it's just perfect, reflecting the care and quality of life she enjoys here with us.


As the first daughter of our inaugural USA import buck in 2015, Daily carries a piece of our farm's history. She's set a precedent for her lineage, and we're proud to say we've kept three of her daughters, who are every bit as striking as she is.


When it comes to kidding, Daily is as reliable as the sunrise, blessing us with triplets year after year. Her smaller stature makes her accomplishments all the more remarkable - she's a little powerhouse, proving good things come in small packages.


But it's not just about looks and lineage with Daily; she's a proven performer too. She took part in the CGS one-day milk test and, true to form, she earned her milk star, solidifying her status as a top-tier dairy goat.


Daily is more than just a goat on our farm; she's a symbol of our commitment to excellence and a beacon of the quality we produce at 4acres Farm. She's the whole package, and we can't wait to see what her future holds.

DOB: March 13, 2016



Classification Score: VG 88

Rump 92 | Dairy Strength 86 | Feet & Legs 89

Mammary System 86

Kidding History

1st - 1 buckling, 1 doeling

2nd - 1 buckling

3rd - 1 buckling, 2 doeling

4th - 2 buckling, 1 doeling

5th - 2 buckling, 1 doeling

6th-2 buckling, 1 doeling

Milk Testing

2022- CGS Milk Star

2.75 lbs


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