Our Tools

Whether its a hand tool, contraption, book or anything else, we believe that if it has benefited us, it will probably benefit you and your family too.  Clicking on the picture or link will take you to Amazon.ca. for quick shopping. 

Otherwise, you may be able to find these items locally! Keep an eye out.  Your Co-op Agro and UFA are great sources too.

Full Disclosure: 4Acres Farm participates in the Amazon Affiliates program and will get a commission for certain purchases made through Amazon.ca. But don't worry. We WILL NOT put junk on here. You will only see items on that are worth it.


This is the 1st Edition of a book that we cherish. Raising Goats Naturally is a staple for all who raise goats!

This is end 2nd Edition of the previous book. It is also a must read! We give this book to certain buyers as a gift! 

However, if you want to buy it without goats, Not recommended ;) click the link!

If you've followed us for a while, you know how hard we try to live off our own produce. Well, this book is one way of extending your growing season!

As you can see by our book selections, Joel is a fav and this book doesn't disappoint.

Your Successful Farm Business

We were highly recommended this book and we can see why. In preparation for our LGD we have found it helpful.

Livestock Protection Dog

Another way of extending your growing season. You'll see some examples of this book in our yard!

If you're a beekeeper, big or small, you can consider this book a staple. It has a ton of research and techniques from a number of Canadian jurisdictions.

Get it!

PS. The book Retails for about $40. I'm not sure why Amazon has it listed at $140. Check your local library

Want to get back to simple? Joel's got it right. This is a hard book to put down and we learn lessons every time we read it.

Tools and Supplies

These replaced our last ones. We didn't expect them to be all the great considering the cost. Turns out we were wrong. They seem to work great for goats.

Varomorus Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Works well for varroa mite treatments in early spring and late fall for your hives.

250 Watt Stock Tank Heater. Keeps the frost off the smaller tanks and won't make your power meter spin!

We also have a 500 Watt one that works for the bigger tanks.

Wire Electric Fence Poultry Netting

A very integral part to our pasture rotation. 

Foam Stock Tank, 50 Gallon

The more animals you have the more water you need!

Child's Beekeeping Suit

This is just the right size for Kett, he's turning 4 soon.

Good price for a reliable bander. I think we're on our 2nd pair, mostly because Stephen lost one. Considering how often we use it, the price is right.

Electric hot knife for uncapping honey. Has a temperature adjustment knob.

8 Quart Rubber Feed Dish

Gallagher S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Perfect for the poultry netting we use. Enough jam to keep the critters in and out. We have several of these and haven't had any issues.

Beekeeping Gloves.

They're cost effective. However, you get what you pay for. These ones have begun to fall apart after 2 seasons.

Animal Health

Full of essential nutrition for your goats. If we have a weak kid, or suspect poor digestion we will often use this. 

Always a good idea to have some colostrum on hand, either this or some you collected and froze.

We use this on any open wound and after disbudding.

Because we have water that pulls copper from our goats we will frequently supplement them with copper.

This oral paste contains selenium and Vitamin E

Probiotic - used for kids with diarrhea or in combination with antibiotics.