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After purchasing an animal from us, we feel there is an innate bond that occurs.​ You've probably noticed that we just didn't drop the animal and drive away.  We may have spent an hour or more discussing many things and we don't leave until we know your are comfortable and happy with your new animal.  With that said, within that hour Nicole probably completely OVERWHELMED you and you also probably forgot most of the stuff we talked about. 

As such, we felt it was a good idea to pass on information that we felt was important to making the transition and care for your animal as easy as it can be. We've assembled a number of videos and resources that we hope will help you with your journey.

This will be a living document that only you, our customer, can access. We hope it will only improve over time.

Once you purchased from us, you would have been given a password to access this information. If you're a previous buyer, and don't have a password, please reach out!


Click on the button below and enjoy the resources.

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