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PANDA (4AF Trish 9)


Welcome to Panda's profile, a standout sow in our improved Trish line. Panda is a testament to our breeding goals, showcasing significant improvements in length over her predecessors. This enhancement is crucial for pork genetics, contributing to the overall quality and yield of meat.


Our Trish x Ru combination has successfully achieved the desired outcome, and Panda carries this legacy with grace. Her extended frame is not only an asset in terms of genetics but also a visual representation of our commitment to excellence in breeding.


Another feature we appreciate in Panda is her shorter face, characteristic of the Kunekune breed. This trait is advantageous as it results in less rooting behavior, which helps maintain the integrity of our pastures and reduces the need for extensive land management.


Lastly, Panda boasts healthy, robust feet. She stands high on her pasterns, an attribute that indicates strong structural integrity and longevity. This quality is essential for the well-being of our sows and the vitality of their offspring.


Keep an eye on our website for updates on Panda and her contributions to our farm. She represents the strides we've made in our breeding program and the bright future of our herd.

DOB: June 6, 2021

Sire:AKPR 6729 WN Ru 3   

Dam:AKPR 14985 4AF Trish 5

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