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OREO (4AF Boris 4)


Let me introduce you to Oreo, our belted boar who's as handsome as they come. This year, we're all buzzing with excitement because it's time for Oreo to strut his stuff and show us what he's got with his debut litter in 2024.


We're daydreaming about the pitter-patter of mini belties - just imagine those adorable little stripes! Oreo's not just a looker though; he's got the goods where it counts. With an even teat count, we're optimistic that he'll pass on this trait to his piglets.


And let's not overlook those sturdy legs and great feet of his - they're the foundation of a healthy, active boar. We're looking forward to seeing how these traits carry on to his offspring, promising a future of strong, robust pigs on our farm.


Stay tuned for updates on Oreo and his growing family. We can't wait to share the journey with you as our farm family expands. Here's to hoping for a field full of belted beauties!

DOB: August 15, 2022

Sire: AKPR 14257 ILF Boris 3   

Dam:AKPR 24570 4AF Rebecca Gina 1

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