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Hailey is a treasured member of our herd, born into a lineage of distinguished dairy goats. On the sire's side, she is a proud descendant of JK Turtlewood Finnigan, whose own father, the renowned J-Knels Knodel, has left a legacy of excellence. Knodel's achievements are nothing short of exceptional, with two championship legs and an EX91 classification to his name. These accolades speak volumes about the quality and conformation he brings to his progeny.

Equally notable is Hailey's grand dam, Sookie, a finished champion with an impressive VG89 score. Her triumphs in the show ring and her genetic contributions have set a high standard for Hailey, positioning her to continue the family's tradition of excellence.

Hailey's dam, 4acres Daily, is another testament to the strength of her family's lines, having scored a VG 88 and earned her milk star in 2022. This achievement not only highlights Daily's quality but also bodes well for Hailey's own potential in milk production.

While her pedigree is filled with champions, Hailey herself is known for her unique and eye-catching color combination, adding a splash of beauty to her already impressive genetics. As we eagerly await her milk testing in 2024, we have every confidence that she will live up to her heritage and secure her milk star as well.

Despite her illustrious background, Hailey remains humble, finding her place at the lower end of the herd's pecking order. This, however, only endears her more to us, as she cleverly stays close to the humans for those extra special treats and moments of affection. Hailey may be modest in her social standing, but she is a giant in potential, and we can't wait to see her shine.

In the photo above Hailey is feeding a single.

DOB: May 25, 2020



Classification Score 2023:

VG 86

Rump 90 | Dairy Strength 87 | Feet & Legs 90

Mammary System 83

Kidding History

1st- 1 buckling, 1 doeling

2nd- 1 buckling

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