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Oak Apple Chantwell * S

Calypso FF VEEE 91
Oak Apple Hector (sire)

Chantwell journeyed all the way from Oregon to join our family here at 4acres Farm, and let's just say, he made quite the first impression. He's got that special something that just makes you stop and stare.


What really stands out about Chantwell is his incredible leg angulation paired with a top-notch escutcheon. It's clear he's built with solid attached shoulders that we just can't get enough of.


Let's talk pedigree because Chantwell's got it. His dam is nothing short of impressive with a score of VVEE 88. And while his sire hasn't been appraised, the family talent is undeniable – his grand dam and grand sire boast scores of 89 and 90, respectively.


But the proof is in the progeny, right? Back in 2021, Oak Apple Farm put Chantwell's genetics to the test with a linear appraisal of his daughter and sister. His daughter came through with a solid +VEV 87, earning praise for her rump structure. And his sister, Calypso? She knocked it out of the park with a VEEE 91!


Chantwell is more than just a handsome face; he's a genetic goldmine, and we're thrilled to see the impact he'll have on our herd. Keep an eye on this space for updates on Chantwell as he settles into his new home here at 4acres Farm.

All photos from Oak Apple Farm

DOB: April 23, 2018

Sire: Oak Apple Hector * B

Dam: Solway Farm Lady Slipper 06-01 VVEE 88

Classification Score 2023:

VG 89

Rump 94 | Dairy Strength 94 | Feet & Legs 94

(Overheight )

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