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Introducing,Falene! She might be on the petite side, but don't let her size fool you – and that udder of hers? It's shaping up to be a thing of beauty!


Now, about those teats – sure, they're a tad more forward than we'd usually go for, but guess what? It makes milking a breeze, so who's complaining? Plus, her teat length and orifice size? Chef's kiss! Milking Falene is like a dream, smooth and easy, making every milking session a joy. 


She's the success story we all hope for, a testament to the idea that we can always improve on the previous generation. And improve we did! Falene is the proud product of our efforts, and she's not going anywhere. We're keeping her and her offspring right here, with hopes of passing on those lovely long teats.


Let's not forget her shining moment in 2022 when she snagged her milk star during the CGS one day milk test – all while feeding her adorable twin doelings. And we did it without any fancy tricks, just good ol' alfalfa hay and some grain on the milk stand. Talk about a natural talent!


Keep an eye on this little lady; she's going places, and she's taking us along for the ride. Here's to Falene, a small package with a big impact! 

DOB: September 4, 2018



Classification Score 2023:

VG 88

Rump 90 | Dairy Strength 88 | Feet & Legs 93

Mammary System 84

Kidding History

1st - 2 doeling

2nd - 1 buckling, 1 doeling

3rd- 2 bucklings, 2 doelings

4th-1 buckling, 1 doeling

5th-1 buckling, 1 doeling


2022- CGS Milk Star

Milk Stats

2.6 lbs


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