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Oak Apple Arwyn

Ariana VVE+86
Ariella EEEV 89
cernunnos VEV 89

Arwyn is quite the standout at 4acres Farm, and not just because of his size. He's the longest buck we've got, and we're not just talking inches here. This guy is stretching the limits of what our girls can aspire to, and we're all for it!


When you gaze upon Arwyn, you're looking at dairy royalty. Those wrinkles? They're not just for show – they're a testament to his dairy-rich lineage. And don't get us started on his build; he's as fine-boned as they come, with lovely pasterns.

His sire, Cernunnos has sired many many remarkable champions in his life. 


There's something else about Arwyn that's got us all talking. He's got this beard, see, and it's not just any beard. It's the kind of beard that makes you think, "Yep, that's a wise old soul." Hence his nickname, the "wise one". It's more than just facial hair; it's a symbol of his sage-like presence among the herd.


Now, let's talk achievements. Arwyn's daughters over at Oak Apple are making waves, scoring VVEV 86 & VVVV 86. For first fresheners, that's pretty darn close to perfection. And back home in 2023, they're not just participating in shows – they're winning them. First place at the Olds goat show? That's Arwyn's legacy in action.


Want to see more of Arwyn and his award-winning daughters? Check out the snapshots over at Oak Apple Farm. And keep an eye on this page; we'll be updating it with all of Arwyn's latest and greatest accomplishments.


Photo Credit: Oak Apple Farm


April 30, 2017

Sire: SG +*B Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 05-01 VEV 89

Dam: Dragonfly HLJ Ariella 05-03 V+V+ 85

Classification Score 2023:


Rump 93 | Dairy Strength 92 | Feet & Legs 94

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