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Dragonfly SD Viserion *S

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Meet Viserion, our new buck on the block. His mom, Hellcat, is not just any champion – she's a finished one with a linear appraisal score of VEEE91. That's like getting straight A's in goat class!


And his dad, Redstone Joyride *B, he's no slouch either. He's got a family tree that's more like a hall of fame with his mom, SG Redstone SF DarkStar 4*M, hitting that VEEE 92 score and being an elite five times over. Talk about good genes!


We were on the lookout for a buckling that's got a tank for a body, and guess what? Viserion's breeder said Hellcat's the queen of capacity in her herd. That means Viserion's got all the makings of a champ – from his mom's champion status to his dad's elite lineage.


Keep your eyes peeled for Viserion at 4acres Farm. He's set to fill some pretty big hooves, and we're betting he's up to the challenge.

DOB: May 4, 2022

Sire: Redstone Joyride Sundog

Dam: Dragonfly AV Hellcat

VG 86

Rump 87 | Dairy Strength 85 | Feet & Legs 86

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