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Itty Bitty OAA Kash


Meet Kash, the trailblazer buck kid of 4acres Farm. He's the very first buck kid we've brought on board, and there's a good reason for that. Our beloved Arwyn is not getting any younger, and we wanted to make sure we keep his stellar genetics flowing in our herd. After seeing the impressive traits of his daughter, we knew it was time to secure a son.


Though Jigsaw isn't one of our does, her owner can't stop raving about her qualities – from her high udder and strong medial to her ample capacity and lengthy body. And let's not overlook the praise she's received for her perfect 1/3 udder balance when viewed from the side. It's clear she's a doe with standout features.


We're thrilled to have Kash join our family here at 4acres Farm. He's not just the first; he's a symbol of our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality genetics of our herd. Here's to the future and the exciting prospects Kash brings to the table!

DOB: April 11,2022

Sire: Oak Apple Arwyn E92

Dam: Country Magic Jigsaw VG89

GP 84

Rump 78 | Dairy Strength 84 | Feet & Legs 87

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