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Let's roll out the red carpet for 4Acres Emerica, the gal who proves that patience is indeed a virtue in the goat world.  She's the reason we stand by the golden rule: give 'em at least two years to show their true colors. And boy, has Emerica shown hers, earning herself a prime spot in our breeding lineup! 🌟


From a modest 82 as a dry First Freshener to a whopping 92 as a seasoned 5th freshener, Emerica's transformation is what goat dreams are made of. She's aced the Rump and Feet & Legs categories like a champ, not just once, but in every single classification. Talk about consistency! And the cherry on top? Her daughters are strutting around with rumps just as solid as hers. 


As one of our inaugural imports and a proud daughter of Giorno, Emerica is a dairy diva through and through. Her capacity and length are only matched by her undeniable "dairy" elegance, making Miss Emerica a total knockout in the herd. 


Flashback to 2022, when Emerica starred in the CGS one day milk test and snagged her milk star, all while  raising twins and a once-a-day milking schedule. And she did it all on just a smidge of grain and some alfalfa/grass hay – if that's not impressive, I don't know what is! 


But wait, there's more! Emerica made her show debut in 2023 and boy, did she make an entrance. Snatching the Reserve Grand Champion title in one ring and sashaying to third place in the others.


So here's to Emerica, the lady who's got it all and then some. She's not just a part of our farm; she's a shining example of what we aim for in every goat we raise.


DOB: May 11, 2017




2023 Classification Score: EX92

Rump 93| Dairy Strength 92 |

Feet & Legs 94

Mammary System 90


2019 Classification Score: VG 82

Rump 85 | Dairy Strength 81 | Feet & Legs 86

Mammary System 80

Kidding History

1st - 2 buckling

2nd-1 doeling 1 buckling

3rd-2 doelings

4th-1 buckling 1 doeling

5th-1 doeling 2 buckling


2022-CGS Milk Star

Milk Stats

3.5 lbs

5.55% butterfat

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