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Introducing 4Acres Emerica

Emerica is the reason that you keep goats for at least two years to determine if they are worth making top spot in your breeding program. Emerica fits the bill!! She scored 82 as a dry FF and then 92 as a 5th freshener. Emerica scored highest in the Rump and Feet & Legs categories. In both classifications. We have a few daughters now in our herd and she has passed along her solid rumps.


Emerica is one of our very first imports; Giorno's daughters. . Her capacity, length and overall "dairy" look is a combination that we are really loving with Miss. Emerica. 

In 2022 we participated in the CGS one day milk test. Emerica earned her star, raising her twins and being milked once per day. She did this off of a small amount of grain on the stand and alfalfa/grass hay. Proud of this gal!

Emerica had her first show debut in 2023 and won Reserve Grand Champion in one of the rings. She won third in the other two. 

DOB: May 11, 2017




2023 Classification Score: EX92

Rump 93| Dairy Strength 92 |

Feet & Legs 94

Mammary System 90


2019 Classification Score: VG 82

Rump 85 | Dairy Strength 81 | Feet & Legs 86

Mammary System 80

Kidding History

1st - 2 buckling

2nd-1 doeling 1 buckling

3rd-2 doelings

4th-1 buckling 1 doeling

5th-1 doeling 2 buckling


2022-CGS Milk Star

Milk Stats

3.5 lbs

5.55% butterfat

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