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Dragonfly MZ Nidhogg


Let me tell ya about our boy Nidhogg. He's our rear udder superstar here at 4acres Farm. When we were on the hunt to step up our game in the herd, we had a checklist, and Nidhogg? He's checkin' all the boxes.


So, we were aiming for some sky-high rear udders and those long, sleek rumps, right? Well, Kara, she's got the highest rear udder in her herd, and guess what? She had twins, and we got first dibs!


Kara's no slouch in the looks department either, scoring an EX91 with an 'Excellent' on her rump. And Nidhogg, he's her spitting image. He's got that flat topline and a rump that goes on for days, just like his mama. Plus, he's standing strong on those feet and legs, scoring a solid 87!


He's more than just good looks though; he's got the genetics that we're all about here at 4acres. Keep an eye out for updates on Nidhogg as he struts his stuff and brings those top-notch traits to our herd.

DOB: April 4, 2022

Sire: Dragonfly AV Mizuko

Dam: Dragonfly SOL Kara


VG 87

Rump 87 | Dairy Strength 87 | Feet & Legs 87

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