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Dragonfly MZ Nidhogg


Nidhogg is our rear udder boy. When looking at improving certain lines in our herd, we had a very specific wish list when it came to our imports. We wanted increased rear udder height and rump lengths. Kara had the highest one in her herd and lucky for us, she had twin buckling's for us to choose from.

Kara's LA is EX91 with an Excellent in her rump. Tick tick! hit both must haves. 

Nidhogg is showing a levelness of topline and has a nice long level rump (thanks mom!). He stands on a good set of feet and legs, hence the 87! 

DOB: April 4, 2022

Sire: Dragonfly AV Mizuko

Dam: Dragonfly SOL Kara


VG 87

Rump 87 | Dairy Strength 87 | Feet & Legs 87

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