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MATILDA (WN Haunene 2)

'm super excited to shine the spotlight on one of our most impressive sows, Matilda. She's not just any pig; she's a standout in our herd with some truly remarkable traits.


Matilda is what we call a 'biiiig girl' with an incredible length that's not just for show. This lady's got a buffet line of teats that ensures each of her piglets gets their fair share of dinner, no matter which side she's laying on. It's all about equal opportunity here at our farm, and Matilda is the embodiment of that principle. 


But wait, there's more! Her calm demeanor is the cherry on top, making her a dream to work with. And let's not forget about the future – her length isn't just impressive, it's a promise of delicious pork chops and bacon from her offspring. Can you say 'yum'? 


So without further ado, let's welcome Matilda to our online farm family! Keep an eye out for updates on this fantastic sow and her contributions to the homestead. She's not just growing our herd; she's growing our hearts.

DOB: April 1,2021

Sire:AKPR 12238 WN Ru 10   

Dam:AKPR 8569 ILF Haunene 9

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