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Meet Kacey, the delightful doeling that has effortlessly won the hearts of our farm family. Chosen by fate, she's become the cherished bottle baby of the kids, receiving an abundance of love and attention. Kacey isn't just a family favorite; she's a bearer of exceptional genetics that hint at a future filled with promise. Along with her two other sisters we retained.


Her lineage is nothing short of impressive, with a heritage rich in capacity and foreudder strength. Kacey's sire, the renowned Million Dollar Baby MDB, is a testament to the superior genetics that she inherits. Originating from the esteemed Old Mountain Farm All Over It made a grand entrance into the show world, swiftly earning the title of finished champion.


His Linear Appraisal score of EEE 91 speaks volumes about the quality he brings to his progeny. Furthermore, Kacey's great grand dam boasts an impressive Linear Appraisal of EEEE 93, solidifying the expectation of excellence that runs through Kacey's veins.


While her current claim to fame might be the unique haircut courtesy of our 5-year-old's creative clippers, we have our sights set on Kacey's development. We eagerly anticipate her maturation, confident that she will surpass the charm of her makeshift trim with the elegance of her genetic potential.


Stay tuned to witness Kacey's journey as she grows into the stellar goat we believe she's destined to be. Her story is just beginning, and we can't wait to share each chapter with you.

DOB: JANUARY 9, 2022



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