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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is not just any goat on our farm; she's a living piece of our history. Her dam, WOTNOTACRES Victoria, rated VG85, was among the first goats to grace 4acres Farm back in the bustling days of 2014. Victoria's legacy lives on through Gracie Lou, her last doeling from her final kidding with us—a bittersweet reminder of the strong foundations of our herd.


Victoria was renowned for her remarkable ability to nurture quads, a testament to her vitality and maternal strength. She was a doe that excelled in nearly every aspect, setting a high bar for her offspring. Now, with Gracie Lou, we hold our breath and cross our fingers, hoping she will rise to the stellar standards set by her mother.


Gracie Lou's first freshening revealed a promising medial, sparking excitement for what's to come in her second. The anticipation of witnessing her second freshening fills us with hope, as we look forward to seeing her udder develop and the potential it holds for our dairy production.


As Gracie Lou grows and matures, we watch eagerly, supporting her journey to possibly become one of the pillars of our farm, much like her dam before her. She represents the continuity of excellence and the unbroken line of quality that is the hallmark of 4acres Farm.

DOB: July 6, 2019



Kidding History

1st-1 doeling 1 buckling

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