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lois jane
Lois Jane

Introducing Lois Jane, a cornerstone of 4acres Farm and a true foundation doe. She's the epitome of what we aim for in our breeding program - strong, resilient, and productive.

Lois Jane is a marvel in length, stretching out like the vast Alberta prairies she calls home. Her build is not just about size; it's a testament to her robust constitution. She maintains her body condition effortlessly, a testament to her excellent genetics and the care we provide.


Milk production is where Lois Jane truly shines. She's a generous provider, offering enough milk to nourish her triplets and contribute to our family's needs. It's this abundance that makes her such a valued member of our dairy herd.

But it's not just her milk that's inherited; it's her exceptional teat length, the best among our does. This prized trait has been passed down to her daughters and granddaughters, ensuring the legacy of quality continues for generations to come.

Lois Jane's contributions to our farm go beyond her physical attributes. She embodies the spirit of 4acres Farm - resilient, nurturing, and enduring. We couldn't be more pleased with this girl, and we look forward to the continued excellence she brings to our herd.

DOB: June 12, 2015



Classification Score: VG 85

Rump 89 | Dairy Strength 88 | Feet & Legs 90

Mammary System 80

Kidding History

3rd - 3 buckling

4th - 3 buckling, 1 doeling

5th - 2 buckling, 2 doeling

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