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TILLY (****)


Welcome to the profile of Sid, the cornerstone of our breeding program and the main herdsire on our homestead. Sid is more than just a pig; he's a vital contributor to the future of our farm.


With an exceptional growth rate, Sid stands out from the herd. He's not just growing fast; he's setting the pace for the rest. This trait is essential for us, as it means his offspring are likely to inherit this quality, ensuring that our pork production is efficient and sustainable.


Handling livestock can be challenging, but not with Sid. His easy-going nature makes daily interactions and management a breeze. This is a trait we value highly, as it not only makes our work more enjoyable but also indicates a stress-free environment for our animals.


Sid's track record is impressive; he has successfully bred all our sows, proving his reliability and effectiveness as a herdsire. The proof is in the pudding, and we're eagerly anticipating the growth rates of his upcoming litters. We have high hopes that they will follow in their father's footsteps, showing rapid and healthy development.


Keep an eye on our website for updates on Sid's progeny. We're excited to witness and share the impact he has on our farm's success. Sid isn't just a herdsire; he's a legacy in the making.

DOB: December 2, 2021

                       Sire:AKPR 12222 WN Te Whangi 5   

                Dam:AKPR 13870 WN Wilsons Gina 3

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