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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Kunekune Grazing Pigs


Water Testing How-To

Thanks for making it this far! If you're here that means you're probably interested in testing your water. As we discussed in our most recent newsletter, clean water is important. 

Taking your water sample is super easy. 

  1. Take a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.

  2. Run your water source for a minute to flush out impurities stuck in your hydrant/spigot.

  3. Fill your jar and seal it. (At least 1 cup)

  4. Document the date, time and water source for your reference.

  5. If you're a local in the Red Deer, AB area, you can hand deliver the water sample to the address below.

  6. If your nowhere near Red Deer, package your water sample so it does not break, or leak and mail it (Canada post or private courier) to: 


Future Analytics Inc

Bay #3, 7895-49Ave

Red Deer, AB

T4P 2B4

​Prior to sending your sample in contact Future Analytics at (403) 801-1996 or by email at Be sure to follow any additional instructions they may have.

Our last sample we took was $73 to test for heavy metals and potability.

What We're About


Registered Kunekune Grazing Pigs


Nicole and her family have developed a progressive goat program. Not many other farms compare to their science based practical approach. They are quickly becoming leaders within the goat community for quality of animal and animal care/husbandry. A program like the Poburan's is what people should strive to achieve.

DR. STACEY HOMER, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


4Acres is a farm run by an outstanding young family! From the first conversation it was apparent how passionate this family is in their work. We received 4 Nigerian dwarf goats and a Kunekune pig from 4acres to add to our petting zoo! The Animals came well socialized and with amazing temperaments. I would recommend this farm to EVERYONE!


4 Acres Farm is an ethical, well managed small business. I purchased 3 goats, one goat to begin with to add to my herd, and I was so impressed that I purchased two more babies 11 months later. Nicole was so helpful and knowledgeable, she answered any of my questions and did not hesitate to continue to support me after purchase. I highly recommend buying any livestock from her. Not to mention that she has a beautiful young family that greets you with a smile


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