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CRICKET (4AF Trish 3)


Cricket is our improved Trish line. Cricket has a shorter dished face and a short snout. She has a thick body structure like her sire Gilby. We don't call her the " tank" for nothing. Her dam is a smaller framed Kunekune and at 18 months Cricket was the same size as her. She walks gracefully and high on her pasterns. She is symmetrical from front to back. She also has great feet, she needs minimal maintenance. Cricket is a great sow, with excellent maternal instincts. Her first litter of piglets all were close in size. She is a docile girl who loves her belly rubs! 

DOB: August 9, 2018

Sire: AKPR 5900 ILF Andrew 1

Dam: AKPR 6829 BBS Trish 1

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